About Us

Dave Snook is a father and husband, who works in the beer industry. He's also a man with a short attention span. That is until 2019 when his wife bought him a smoker for Christmas. Intrigued, Dave started studying the art of smoking meat on youtube, and he became passionate about the process. No, he became obsessed. 
A few months into the pandemic, Dave was a bona-fide pig fanatic (which is ironic because his long running nickname is "Beef"). He took his online education and started tinkering with and perfecting different recipes. The result: a peppery, slow cured, hand crafted smoked bacon.
Dave started bringing his fine swine to family gatherings and requests for more poured in from friends and relatives. That's when his brothers-in-law, Angelo, a
restaurateur and chef and Josh, an enthusiastic consumer with a million friends, convinced him to launch a bacon business. With Angelo helping on the business side and Josh evangelizing and selling it, Dave established Seaside Pork Company in 2022. A nod to his Jersey Shore roots, Seaside Pork Company sells a variety of smoked bacon products with an emphasis on process and fine ingredients. There's no shortcuts at Seaside Pork Company, only quality cuts.